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Rodrigo Honalez is the communist leader of Parcia.


Rise to Power

Due to the economic pressures placed on Parcia during the 6 years' war, the Parcian people looked to more extremist parties to help get out of their delicate situation. As a result, Honalez's communist party was elected.


Honalez has jet black mid-length hair that is parted down the centre. He has a rough beard and dark brown eyes. Though his office uniform consists of grey fatigues, he often wears a white suit with a black shirt. 


Honalez is incredibly determined and has a genuine care for his people. Sometimes this can prove as a disadvantage, as he can occasionally neglect international affairs in order to secure the happiness of his subjects. His almost obssessive care for the people has resulted in him banning magic in Parcia, which has lowered the country's productivity significantly.