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Roarak was the king of the Isle of Venland. He was a benevolant ruler who brought Venland through a technological revolution.


War with Canorica

With the constant advancements of technology in both weapons, and energy production, John Curtis became paranoid, and he was not alone in his suspicion. He managed to get support from other countries to wage war with Venland based on the claim that they are using this new technology to retake its colonies. Using sheer numbers, as opposed to technology, they overwhelmed Venlish forces. They were slowed down as they approached Savorden, and there was a stalemate for more than 5 years. However, eventually, they broke throught the Venlish line of defence and marched upon Savorden, where Roarak remained. Roarak ordered Cetera to escape with Ruselt and Luther, while he remained in his palace. Roarak issued a surrender, and he was soon arrested by Canorican forces. He was publicly executed without trial shortly after.


Roarak had grey hair and bright blue eyes, as well as a neatly trimmed beard. He always wore his ceremonial royal attire.


Roarak was a very benevolent ruler of a very stoic nature. He would always stick to his principals, and like his brother, was completely selfless. Roarak however, like his father, was rather oblivious towards those he neglected.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities