Rithul Bahjit

Rithul Bahjit was the first Scoutmaster of Carta.



During one of his inspections on an outpost, Rithul was caught in a sudden assault from the sands by the Sabarians. The Sabarians began to torch the outpost as a declaration of war. Rithul joined in on the defensive and succeeded in halting several Sabarians. He sent a messenger off, preventing an attacking Sabarian from killing them in the process. Despite his best efforts, however, he was viciously impaled by Horndahl, who had suddenly appeared at the outpost. Horndahl threw him to the ground where he was finished off by three Sabarian soldiers.

Rithul's body was found and was taken to be cremated along with ofthe others who were killed during the conflict. Their ashes were scattered from atop the newly rebuilt Ramil.



Abilities and Gear

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