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Rhydiac Gailax is a former Rear Admiral in the Royal Kratonian Military.


Rhydiac was well known in the Royal Kratonian Military, and managed to earn the rank of Rear Admiral, but had ambitions of reaching the rank of Admiral to honour his father and grandfather, who both died whilst maintaining this rank. After the Kratonian envoy to Asteria was attacked by Kyloteans, Rhydiac rescued the princess, Heika Denophilius, and her mother, but gained the attention of Zurakiel Ketseuki whilst trying to escape. Rhydiac managed to fight Zurakiel off, but the titan managed to hack off Rhydiac's left leg.

After having sustained his injury, Rhydiac was forced to leave the Royal Military, crushing his dreams and ambitions. Rhydiac went on a reclusive depression near the Asteria-Kratonia border.



Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities


  • Trident of Athens
  • Triton Shield