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The Remnant State of Venland, often shortened as the "Remnant State" or the "Remnants", is the remaining fraction of the Venlish government and armed forces that supports Venland's original views and ideals. 


Fall of Venland and Foundation

As the Venlo-Canorican war waged on, it was becoming apparent that, despite Venland's technological superiority, the sheer number of Canoricans would soon be too much for them. As a result, Roarak ordered his most trusted generals and politicians to head west towards the Isle of Reed, with the accompaniment of soldiers and VSIS agents. A construction project was started that involved the creation of a huge underground complex underneath Lorinham city. The group gained the assistance of the citizens of Lorinham in speeding up the construction of the bunker. An Infinity Generator was even built into the complex, allowing a constant supply of energy. After Roarak was executed and Savorden was taken, Lurenos Veltan, leader of the Venlsh Secret Intelligence Service assumed leadership of the group, and took the other generals, soldiers, politicians and servicemen down to the bunker. Here, he decided to form the Remnant State of Venland, with the express purpose of gathering strength, and one day returning to the mainland.


The Remnant State intend to gather as much strength as they can muster and one day, retake the Venlish mainland. As a side project, they also intend to find Roarak's flesh and blood so they can be seated on the Venlish throne. 


The Remnant State is comprised of several divisions. These are as follows :

  • The Science Division - They are there to ensure that the scientific advances made in Venland continue and as a result, work on the Infinity Generator has continued.
  • VSIS Division - This division is resposnible for collecting intelligencce throughout Helios, and making sure Lorinham is policed. They also ensure that the bunker's location is kept a secret.
  • Resources Division - This division is responsible for regulating supplies to the bunker and ensuring that everyone is kept alive. They also manage recruitment.
  • Defence Division - This division works as a last line of defence in the event that the bunker is discovered. They also keep close guard of the Lorinham city walls. 

The division heads make up the Remnant Sate's council, and they have yet to await a king to lead them. Until that day comes, Lurenos has taken it upon himself to direct the Remnant State.



After Venland's defeat at the hands of Canorica, the army was disbanded. However, the Remnant State has continued to recruit soldiers since the Lorinham bunker was established. Their army is comprised of:

  • 100,000 Soldiers
  • 10,000 Special Forces
  • 6,000 VSIS agents
  • 50 long range artillery weapons


The Remnant State have managed to claim some of the Venlish warships and have hauled them away to secret facilities along the Isle of Reed's coast. They possess:

  • 10 Updated Dreadnoughts (6,000 personel)
  • 5 Armoured Venlish Destroyers (4,000 personel)
  • V.M.S Vengeance (900 personel)
  • 50 Gunboats (500 personel)
  • 10 Submarines (200 personel)
  • 11,600 Navy Personel
  • Schematics for a new class of ship.