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Randolf Tate is an extremely wealthy aristocrat. He has connections in both the Allied Nations and the underworld, and is considered one of the richest people on the planet. He lives at Tate Manor.



Tate has managed to accumulate a total of twenty-four slaves from the Slave Auction House. He has also purchased many rare items from auctions, both on and off the black market, to decorate Tate Manor. He also paid a large bribe to the Allied Nations to make sure his actions would go unnoticed.


Tate has brown hair that is curled upwards, and a grey stuble. He has a large nose and fat lips. Tate wears a purple and white suit, black polished shoes and a red and yellow sash. He has a special badge denoting his status. He also carries a golden pistol. He has a noticeable potbelly, and has a wart on the side of his face.


Despite being a wealthy aristocrat, Tate is an ignorant slob, lavishing in his wealthy lifestyle while his servants and slaves tend to his every need. He is also greedy, often bidding very high in auctions in order to obtain an item he wants.

He is very arrogant, believing in the strength of his own hired echelon of knights. He is rather cowardly, however, as he will call for assistance from Sniper Wolf should he face any trouble.

Aside from his associates, contacts and employed knights, he is very disrespectful to others, and treats his own slaves as below human, and often has them do liferisking tasks for his own amusement. He brands his slaves with a hot poker in the shape of his symbol on their backs to show his ownership.

Abilities and Gear


While having no direct powers of his own, Tate possesses his own collective of knights to protect him, and has the ability to call assistance from high ranking Sniper Wolf agents, from rank #15 up, should he face any trouble.


  • Gold Pistol