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Phillotus Cercyon is the astute communist leader of Haphae. He is the defacto leader of the Iron Union.


Rise to Power

Phillotus Cercyon was born into a poor family, but due to his astute personality, he was able to quickly make money and gain a high standing. After becoming influential in the Haphaen economy, he was given the option to join the Ruling Council of Haphae. From here, he began to make serious changes to the country, but most of his ideas were rejected. As a result, he slowly gained the trust of the army and the working class, which he then used to eliminate the rest of the council. This gave him absolute power over the country, which then began a strict industrialisation phase.


Phillotus has a typical Haphaen appearance in that he has pointed ears and sunken eyes. His hair is grey and is neatly combed back. He has dark hazel eyes that are normally bloodshot. Due to his age, he has clear wrinkles under his eyes. He wears a black military tunic with matching trousers and shoes. He is noticably shorter than the average Haphaen which has resulted in him wearing slightly elevated shoes when in public.


Cercyon is a profoundly infamous narcissist and expects those within his country to respect and worship him as if he was some sort of god. He wears a military style tunic with many medals attached to show off his achievments, despite the fact he has never been in the military. This only goes to show his arrogance and sense of false-entitlment.

Cercyon's arrogance is only further shown by his condescendence towards people he considers undesirable. this has gotten so extreme that he has become extremely snobby towards anyone who does not share his ideology. This was made very clear at the summit, where he openly insulted the state of other countries' economies. 

Despite this, he is an astute perfectionist and will stop at nothing until his ideal situation is met. However, he can be cowardly when in life or death situations and he relies a lot on his body guards for protection.

Abilities and Gear


  • Organisation
  • Politics


Orchus Retaliak - Orchus and Phillotus are very similar in terms of personality. Both very astute, firm and politically competant. As a result of these similarties, there is a mutual respect between the two, even if they both despise eachother ideologically. 

Inara Winters - Phillotus initially underestimated Inara, thinking he could quite easily subdue and control her. However, ever since she displayed her hypnotic abilities, he has been wary of her.