Phazorus Rezfarda

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Phazorus Rezfarda is the current Sovereign of Greater Vincolo.



Phazorus is a tall, broad individual with blue skin with completely black arms and long, messy black hair. He has a pair of scars across his chest. Phazorus has a black beard. Phazorus wears dark blue and black breastplates, pauldrons, wristguards and a plated iron skirt. He wears knee-length iron boots which have spikes on the knee and ankles, and wears a blue cape held around his neck by a Vincolian brooch. His sword, Ares, is sheathed in a blue and black scabbard on his waist.

Phazorus typically wears one of two helmets. One, which he uses in conflict, covers most of his face, with only his eyes visible. This helmet bears the Vincolian Royal Crest above the visor, and has three spikes on each side. This helmet also has a large horsehair on the top.

His other helmet, which he wears casually, is more simple, showing most of his face. This helmet does not possess a visor, and has four silver spikes on top. These spikes make the helmet resemble a crown of sorts. This helmet also has a small crest at the top. His armour is decorated with Vincolian silver plates, and encrusted with sapphires.


Phazorus is prideful, cunning and articulate, holding his country in very high regard. He is respectful towards his enemies, and often shows honour to his direct opponents. He is also confident in both his own powers and skills, and those of his armies, though he is also known to be smug, and often seeks to toy with others to humour himself. He is also known to be sly, sneaky and deceptive, and often manipulates things behind the scenes.

Phazorus has been known to be very caring of his children, having raised Rourke, Jenna and Mars from the throne, and having taken in the scorned Anne when she was abandoned for being a Vincolian with red hair.

Despite his nature, he is considerably cruel, and often physically or sexually abuses his trophy wives, who are less than half his own age, the youngest of which, Nova, being seventeen. It is apparent that he hated his first wife, Marion, and it is rumoured that he was the one who killed her, despite Rourke being the one who did the act himself. Phazorus' pride has caused him to become arrogant over time, often leading to him ridiculing some enemies.

He keeps a collection of skulls aboard his flagship, each of these belonging the the captain of each fleet or ship the Vincolian Army has defeated.

Abilities and Gear


  • Ares
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