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The Payback War is a mass conflict that saw Senkyoshi enact his revenge against his nations' enemies; Venland, Haphae and Asteria; as well as crush the Kratonian forces that appeared during Kyloto's "dark times".


  • Venland having suffered greatly during the Compendium war have maintained a large well trained army out of paranoia.
  • Senkyoshi assumes leadership of Kyloto, forcibly removing the current Asterian tenants from the Grand Tower of Negura, who formerly toppled thee struggling leadership of three former Oka Eritoshin.
  • Senkyoshi builds a greater new army, far superior in number to the Legion of Kyloto's 540,000. He makes use of the newly birthed Hirai Clan, and amasses an army of 1,628,590 Kylotean soldiers.
  • Senkyoshi gathers a new elite of Oka Eritoshin, adding 17 powerful warriors who resisted Asterian dominance, including his own brother, Ningen, and the three surviving Oka Eritoshin from the Compendium War.
  • This triggers an arms race, and Asteria and Haphae start building up their armies, using conscription. 
  • The Overlord soon plots the nation's revenge against Asteria, Venland and Haphae, and plots to take over the newly formed Kratonia.
  • Senkyoshi declares full out war on the four nations.
  • Sabaria catch wind of these events and decide to involve themselves.


  • The Kyloteans send 300,000 of their troops into Asteria.
  • They face unexpected resistance from a suprisingly large Asterian army. The Battle of the Western Border begins. Within this time, the Haphaen army mobilises in order to try and deter Kyloto. Kyloto however continues its assault and begins freeing the Kylotean slaves, feeding them and adding them to their numbers. 
  • Kyloto also moves into the territory south of Kyloto that was taken from them after the Compendium War.
  • Haphae attack Kyloto's northern border with 1,000,000 troops. The rest of their troops move through Runisia (with permission gained) to assist the Asterians. Kyloto sends 450,000 troops to fight the attacking Haphaen army.
  • Two main fronts are created. The Asterian front, in which nearly 800,000 Asterians and 500,000 Haphaens fight 310,000 Kyloteans, and the Haphaen front, where 1,000,000 Haphaens fight 350,000 Kyloteans.
  • After many feigned retreats and failed assaults, both sides sustain heavy losses. Both frontiers become more evenly matched, and a stalemate is reached.
  • Haphae and Asteria send word to Venland, detailing the current situation. Venland remains neutral for a few years, and builds up its army. Venland sends word to Asteria, informing them to hand over any spare weapons to the Kratonians (who are now living in Kylotean reoccupated territory). The Asterian King makes a deal with Helectross Denophillius, and the Kratonians become more militant. This prompts the Kyloteans to send their 150,000 soldiers to deal with the Kratonians in the south.
  • The Venlish send 500,000 soldiers, 50,000 of which are field mages, down through Levia and Haphae and they arrive at the Haphaen frontier within three weeks. This tips the tide of battle in favour of the Haphaens and the Haphaen frontier moves further south towards Josai. Nothern Josai is surrounded and besieged.
  • Haphaens soldiers ransack villages and scorch fertile ground as penance for the lives lost in the war.
  • The remaining soldiers at the Asterian frontier are forced to retreat to defend the capital. Asterians then advance into Kyloto, but are attacked unexpectedly by the Hirai Clan.
  • Sabaria invades eastern Asteria but face an army of Venlish field mages which have moved through Runisia.
  • Kyloteans finally free all the slaves in the far east of Asteria and send in a further 100,000 soldiers.
  • Solgus, Huise Magala and Kuchiku Strom meet in Asterian territory and form an alliance. The Sabarians begin using Asterian weaponry.
  • The Kyloto-Sabarian alliance begins to fight back the Asterian army long enough for their soldiers to pull back to the east. Half of the Sabarians are sent north.
  • The Hirai Clan push the Haphaens out of Josai, with some help from a platoon led by Loft.
  • The Sabarians on the Asteria-Kyloto border are sent to hold off the Asterians.
  • The Kyloteans betray and abandon the Sabarians, leading to the death of most of their forces in Asteria. Solgus escapes but swears revenge against Senkyoshi.
  • Kyloto sets up a miles long barrier to prevent Asterian entry. This however only thins out their forces, and the Asterians push through again.
  • Senkyoshi prepares talks with the Asterian leader to bring an end to the war, offering to free their prisoners of war as long as Kyloto is given a lease. The Asterian leader initially refuses flat out, but the Venlish Queen pressures the Asterian leader into accepting the deal. Asteria hands some of its agricultural lands to Kyloto.