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Orchus Retaliak is the cautious and calculative ruler of Levia.


Early Years


As most Levians are, his skin is extemely pale, and has pitch black eyes. Hes fairly stocky, and his face is aged. Hi hair is combed to the side, and is graying. He has a slightly grown out beard, but is well groomed. He wears a silver circlet. He has black pants tucked into ornate boots, and a gray undershirt that reaches his waist. He has a sleevless light gray coat over his shirt. The undershirt also has teal and black designs at the top. He wears sleek and shiny black bracers, and has a single shiny black pauldron.


He is highly paranoid, often seeing others with ulterior motives, every minute of every day. He highly policies in paranoia, making sure everything is perfect while putting up a mask of security and collectedness. Hypocritically, he is deceptive to not only others, but his own people, to keep himself in power. He is very proud, and often looks down on others in high disdain, even if they are only just below him.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities