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Oran Mandarin is the Shogun of the Gikoku Family, and is thus Shen's right hand man within the Dominion of Kyloto.



Oran gained the title of "Fell Destroyer" for single-handedly slaughtering the former dynasty ruling the Acua Clan, along with their guards and the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements, save for only one survivor, the remaining daughter of the Umi family patriarch, Shio Umi. This was in order to force the reluctant Acua Clan into the Dominion, as they had previously refused to join with them.


Oran bears an orange-coloured tattoo running down the left side of his waist, depicting three oranges surrounded by leaves and other patterns. He has a scar running across the right side of his lip, and another running down the right side of his chest, both being a result of the same attack. He has five horns, three on his forehead and two on the back of his head. One of these two is cracked.

Oran typically wears a torn black dogi, and a black cape over his right shoulder, which bears an orange trim, the cape is orange on the inside. He wears an orange belt on his dogi.


Oran, much like Shen, is a confident but merciless warrior who holds no regard for those he kills. He is considerably calm, but can be unforgiving if need be. He is incredibly loyal to Shen, but dislikes his drinking habits and his moods from when doing so. He believes heavily in fate. He is renowned for his cold stare.

Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation
    • Heat Manipulation
      • ​Heatwave Manipulation
      • Orange Heat Wind
    • Orange Fire Aura
  • Fruit Manipulation
    • Botanical Communication
    • Healing
  • Balance Enducement

Physical Abilities

  • Spiritual Meditation
    • Levitation
    • Astral Projection
    • Inner Power
      • ​Thought Reading
    • Aura Manipulation
    • Spiritual Flame Manipulation
    • Psychic Flame Manipulation
    • Psychic Shield
      • Anamnesis
      • Mind Reading Immunity
      • Hypnosis Immunity


  • Orenji/"Orange"