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The Novalian War for Independence was a conflict that saw the Novalians become independent from the Venlish Empire.


  • A young boy is arrested by Venlish forces in occupied Novalia. He was accused of being involved in a terrorist plot, and was being put under harsh interrogation.
    • Novalian protesters campaign outside the building where the interrogation is being held and appealed for the release of the boy due to his age.
    • Word reached Kalir, who sent a telegram ordering the soldiers to shoot any protesters who got too close.
    • Protesters got too close, and the soldiers opened fire, killing 16 people.
    • Riots broke out.


  • Liscard Crookhorn organised the riots and managed to produce an army of 350,000 soldiers, comprised of volunteers.
    • The Venlish Empire had 80,000 stationed in Novalia, but Kalir had more soldiers sent over, and increased it to 100,000. Due to economic restraints however, he could not spare any extra men.
    • The Venlish-built Capitol is burned down along with other Venlish buildings.
    • Venlish soldiers were forced out of every city, resulting in the death of 30,000 of their soldiers and 6,000 Novalian loyalists. 6,000 Novalian civilians and 50,000 rebels were killed in the process.
    • Venland had however managed to hold the city of Atlas with 70,000 soldiers. 300,000 rebel soldiers pushed towards Atlas. Here, 60,000 rebels were killed and 6,000 Novalian civilians. 60,000 Venlish soldiers died, as well as the remaining loyalists. 
    • Kalir Visarion reluctantly signs a declaration of independence for Novalia and the remaining 10,000 Venlish soldiers are pulled out of Novalia.


  • Novalia becomes an independent nation.
    • Liscard becomes the first Lord of Novalia.
    • A new Capitol is built to replace the old one.
    • Liscard creates a brand new liberal democratic government for Novalia, and assigns Ministers.
    • The day of the declaration of independence is branded as a national holiday in Novalia.
  • Kalir Visarion tightens security over other colonies.