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Novalia is an autocratic monarchist country and part of the Autocratic Confederacy.



Novalia is ruled by an active king, who is supported by selected Ministers, who manage certain selected fields. As the first King of Novalia is currently active, it is not yet known how they are replaced.

The law enforcement in Novalia is known as the Clockwatch, a form of "special police", who use various methods to capture criminals, including using stealth and non-lethal weapons to scale buildings during chases. The Clockwatch's name comes from their consistent activity throughout the day and their way of monitoring safety. The Clockwatch operate from Clockwatch Headquarters. The respective prison in Novalia is Ludlow Penitentiary.

Novalia's military is divided between the National Front, the country's ground forces, and the Skylords, which serve as both the nation's navy and air force. The Novalian government in comprised of a King, six Ministers and several members of Court, which is presided over by one Chancellor.

Notable Figures

King of Novalia Hardware Quadroceptus
Minister of Law Enforcement Bastille Rankol
Minister of Defence John Douglass

Minister of Intelligence

Head of the Bureau of Intelligence and Tactical Espionage

October Vivaldi
Minister of Domestic Affairs Ecruteak LaAmour
Minister of Foreign Affairs Arthur St. John
Minister of Special Affairs Pendleton Hayseed
Clockwatch Chief Commissioner Lamorak Espee
Chancellor in Parliament Robett Richards
Ludlow Penitentiary Warden Zolt Gorban
Ludlow Penitentiary Vice Warden Hannelore Louisette
General of the National Front Jettstrav Rand
Captain-Commander of the Skylords Gulliver Demaro
Head of the National Bank of Novalia Max Cipher


The government of Novalia consists of the country's respective Lord, the six Ministers, and the three primary forces of action in the country: The National Front, the Skylords and the Clockwatch. The government is comprised of six Ministries:

  • Ministry of Law Enforcement - The Ministry in charge of divising new laws or altering existing ones in the country. The Ministry has control of the national court. The Ministry of Law Enforcement were the face behind the formation of the Clockwatch.
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Intelligence
  • Ministry of Domestic Affairs
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is charged with maintaining relations between Novalia and other countries, both those who are within the Allied Nations, or unaffiliated countries, mainly to establish peace.
  • Ministry of Special Affairs
  • National Bank of Novalia

Military and Police Force

National Front

The National Front are the core army of Novalia, while their size are small when compared to the Skylords, they are a considerably powerful force to be reckoned with. They consist of:

  • 270,100 soldiers in total
    • 200,000 standard soldiers
    • 30,000 elite-class soldiers
    • 10,000 horseback soldiers
    • 90 captain-class soldiers
    • 20,000 battilion soldiers
    • 10 commanders
  • 80 steam tanks
  • 15 heavy-armour steam tanks
  • 2 special-duty steam tanks
  • 135 armoured turrets
  • 660 long range artillery guns


Thanks to Novalia's aerial technologies, the country had no proper need for a navy or an air force as two separate bodies. At some point in Novalia's history, the two were combined to form the Skylords, which adopted the use of airships in various forms and shapes. They consist of:

  • 329,900 personel in total
  • Skyhold (900 personel)
  • Sword of Justice (650 personel)
  • Veil of Hope (440 personel)
  • 5 flagships
  • 95 dreadnoughts
  • 84 destroyers
  • 62 gunships
  • 47 bombers
  • 275 airships
  • 152 armoured airships
  • 54 elite airships
  • 356 flying machines
  • 265,000 crewmen
  • 26 commanders
  • 57 commodores


The Clockwatch are Novalia's national police force. They can be considered extreme due to their methods, and are most active at night. Their forces consist of:

  • 75,000 Clockwatch operatives
  • 1,000 elite Clockwatch operatives
  • 550 investigators
  • 2,000 detectives
  • 1,500 officers
  • 250 inspectors
  • 600 constables
  • 100 prison members of staff
  • 4 police chiefs
  • 1 chief commissioner
  • 1 warden
  • 1 vice warden
  • 8,500 pursuer motorcycles
  • 869,000 jet systems

Bureau of Intelligence and Tactical Espionage

The Bureau of Intelligence and Tactical Espionage (B.I.T.E) is a faction in charge of gathering information, and involves infiltration and spying on other organisations, including other companies, and governments. The Bureau is headed by October Vivaldi.


Towns and Cities

  • Atlas
  • Avalon
  • Galahad
  • Port Moses
  • Bodiam
  • Chepstow
  • Conwy
  • Fotheringhay
  • Ludlow
  • Slane
  • Port Ashford
  • Port Chatham


Native Race