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The Nova Star Industrial Corporation, abbreviated as NSIC, is a company founded by the merging of NovaAir Services, Triton Star and Monroe Industries.




NSIC is currently led by a board of high-ranking officials of the company, due to Calitis Monroe's absence. Guy Chambers, secretly a member of the Underground, seeks to assume control of the company, as it provides them a valuable asset, and an advantage over the Galahad Arms.

The Board is able to determine what goes on in the company, including rotas, management and other roles. Should a member retire, a select few aree given the opportunity to join the board. There are always eight members of the board, as per instruction of both Beauregard and Calitis Monroe.

Chairman of the Board
Calitis Monroe
Members of the Board
Edward Price Horace Thompson Guy Chambers Howard Dawkins
Simon Dickson Yvonne Bradley Richard Albarn Kate Fielding