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Narak is a member of the Templar Knights, a collective of warriors that travelled the world.



Narak was at one point a member of the Council of Sabaria, where he was highly respected by the others of his kind. He was one of the most philosophical of the Sabarians, and became interested with the gulch north of their colonies, and the rumoured monsters that lay there. Narak fearlessly explored the gulch alone, dispersing the rumours as false. Other Sabarians began visiting the gulch themselves, and began to see Narak as a genius hero. The gulch became known as "Narak's Gulch".

Narak later decided to travel Helios, to the admiration of the masses whom he revealed this revelation to. During this time, the conflicts between the Sabarians and the settlers calmed down slightly. When Narak returned, he learned that Argus had seized control of the Council and swayed the public against the Settlers. Narak, disappointed and highly upset, became a recluse, retreating to his gulch, where he begun building a giant globe. The globe remains incomplete, with only Helios mapped on it.

At some point, Narak sided with the Sabarian settlers rather than his own kind. Argus quickly branded him as a traitor and had the attacks further increased. Soon later, a trio of warriors known as Noland Baltovere, Maradiac Gailax and Luwei Meja, arrived and lended their assistance to Narak and his settler ally, the Sultan Shantar Mott. The five led a successful counterattack against Argus' army, pushing his invading army out of Carta. Narak learned of Noland's intentions and led him and his companions to his unfinished globe. Seeking to complete the globe, Narak joined Noland's group, which Noland dubbed as the "Templar Knights", warriors who sought to explore the world's farthest corners.

Narak left Sabaria with his new comrades, leaving Carta in peace for a while. The four became well known heroes across Helios to the point where they were considered as legendary. The four warriors stopped off at Sabaria to alter the globe to add their new finds, and discusse with Shantar their intentions of heading to Somnus, Helios' neighbouring continent. They set off, promising they will return.

The last sightings of the Templar Knights recorded that they had recruited two new members and had explored Regolia before seemingly vanishing.



Narak does not share the typical supremacist view held by most other Sabarians, and accepts any kind of ally.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities


  • Unnamed White Staff


  • Exceptional Navigation Skills