Lawful Good

Social Good

Neutral Good

Rebel Good

Chaotic Good

Lawful Moral

Social Moral

Neutral Moral

Rebel Moral

Chaotic Moral

Lawful Neutral

Social Neutral


Rebel Neutral

Chaotic Neutral

Lawful Impure

Social Impure

Neutral Impure

Rebel Impure

Chaotic Impure

Lawful Evil

Social Evil

Neutral Evil

Rebel Evil

Chaotic Evil

Lawful – Belief in a cause. Belief in rules. Traditional. Cautious. Never really break the rules.

Social – Careful, social climbers. Opinions towards them are important. They only break the rules occasionally. They are often mischevious.

Neutral – Impartial. Tend to do what they please in accordance to their morality. Break the rules when the situation calls for it.

Rebel – Outcast. Free spirit. Do what they feel is right. Often break the rules.

Chaotic – Does not care about anything. They do whatever they want. There are no rules.


Good – Completely selfless. Good Samaritan.

Moral – Good, but more relaxed over what is right and wrong. They are more likely to act badly, although they will likely regret it afterwards.

Neutral – Amoral. Impartial. Tend to be conflicted and act in self-interest.

Impure – Evil people with limits.

Evil – Downright immoral

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