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Mercria had once been run by an absolute monarchy, much like many other nations at the time. Discontent for the monarchy grew overtime, and it was overthrown by a new republican movement. Mercria was transformed into a very democratic state that was not to last. 

Inara Winters had set herself a personal goal which involved becoming Chancellor of Mercria. Using her own magical abilities, her own bodyguards and pulling various other strings in order to create a faltering economic situation within the country, her party recieved 59% of the vote, making it the largest party in the Mercrian parliament. Upon doing so, she was able to pass laws in her favour, including an enabling act, which gave her the power of a monarch, while still maintaining the Chancellor title. 


Though in practice, Mercria is a dictatorship under Inara Winters, but in theory, it is still a democracy. The parliament still contains opposition parties, although Winters' own party still makes up 59% of it. It has also been made illegal to disagree with the Chancellor, so parties find it very difficult to stop bills they don't agree with. 



  • 300,000 Soldiers
  • 10,000 Field Mages
  • 5,000 Elite Soldiers
  • 5,000 Special Forces
  • 500 Winters-Class Tanks (2500 personnel)
  • 2,000 Heavy Tanks (6,000 personnel)
  • 5,000 Light Tanks (10,000 personnel)
  • 338,500 personnel in total.


  • 35 Zerstorer-class Battleships (35,000 personnel)
  • Subjugator of the Seas (1,000 personnel)
  • 500 Coast Guard Boats (1,000 personnel)
  • 25 Armoured Cruisers (12,500 personnel)
  • 70 Light Cruisers (28,000 personnel)
  • 400 Gunboats (20,000 personnel)
  • 15 Submarines (750 personnel)
  • 98,350 Navy Personnel in total. 

Air Force


Native Race

All Mercrians have bi-convex pupils, as opposed to circular pupils.