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Magic is a form of energy that exists on Aether. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as manipulation, defence and combat. It can be both learned by study, or be dependant on the user's imagination, though in some cases it is often naturally obtained or even bestowed.

Types of Magic

Raw Manipulation Magic

Raw Manipulation Magic is the most common type of magic in the Aether world. It allows users of the ability to manipulate, become, generate or simply have control over a certain type of power. It is split into three different types.

Elemental Manipulation

Elemental manipulation is the ability to manipulate and control the natural elements of the world; fire, water, earth, wind, light and darkness. It can also be used to control applicants of these elements, including electricity, sand, ice, temperature or magma.

Substance Manipulation

Substance manipulation is the ability to manipulate and control certain substances of varying fields, such as string, iron, slime, gas or salt.


Intangibility is a special form of both elemental and substance manipulation, as it allows the user to physically become that which their power can manipulate. It is rarer than normal.


Awakening is a very rare form of manipulation magic. Awakened magic allows the user to manipulate their very surroundings.

Defence Magic

Mental Magic and Telekinesis

Arcane Magic and Raw Power




Voodoo Magic

Illusions and Trickery


Biological Magic


Magic Manipulation and Erasure

Similar Abilities

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