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Luther Visarion is the Prince of Venland, and son of Roarak Visarion.


Early Years

Luther was born seconds after his brother Ruselt, with his mothers traits. Due to him being second in line, Roarak considered it was unlikely that Luther would ever become king, and instead he was made to enter an education system which would make him popular to the public. Luther had always wanted to learn magic, which his father was quite strongly against as he wanted Luther to keep to his studies. This resulted in Luther arguing with his father a lot. He excelled at school, but was pulled out when the Six Years' War began, where he was taught first aid so he could treat injured soldiers. 

During the attack on Savorden, Ruselt and Luther were kept in their chambers. Cetera suddenly came bursting in and took them through a network of secret tunnels which allowed them to exit Savorden. They then drove to an airship (which was disguised as a Canorican trade vessel). 


Luther has pale skin and blood red eyes. He has periorbital dark circles due to his insomnia. He had medium length black hair that was parted neatly on the left side, save for a small tuft of hair that hung over his forehead. After his encounter with Morris, he stopped bothering to to keep his hair tidy. He is below the average height, being at least 15 centimeters shorter than his brother, Ruselt. Luther's first disguise consisted of a dark red shirt under a black pocketed long coat that goes down to his thighs, normal black trousers, black shoes and a cap. His second disguises consisted of the same grey flatcap as before, a grimy white shirt, some brown trousers that are rolled up slightly at the ankles, and a cheap black sleeveless vest that goes over his shirt. His left hand and wrist are discoloured.


Luther has a severe lack of confidence in social situations, and initially he had to rely on others (like Ruselt) to speak on his behalf. He will often fluctuate between nervous stammering, blunt answers or complete silence when speaking to people he is unfamiliar with. This social inadaquacy has caused a lack of defenciveness, and over time has lead to Luther becoming incredibly insecure. Luther constantly reassures himself that he not a weak person in order to combat this insecurity, and despite his calm and rational nature, he can get angry when he is called such, as made evident by his opposition to Zurakiel and his outburst towards his alter-ego. 

Despite his social insecurities, when absolutely necessary, Luther can be incredibly strong willed. For example, Luther refused to give Curtis and Morris his brother's location, despite the pain he suffered at their hands. After his experience with Morris, Luther has become very keen to avoid being put in a situation where he might feel powerless, and when put in such a situation, he will override his cautious nature and he will fight until he is no longer physically capable, as shown by his attempts to continue fighting Zeo, despite being mercilessly beaten.

A combination of Luther's own insecurity, as well as a general curiosity has resulted in an ambition to make himself as strong as possible, often by learning more and more magic. [to be expanded]

Despite Luther's calm, and occasionally cold tendencies, he is not immune to certain emotional triggers which can cause him to lose his usually high self-control. One such trigger is being called, "Little man." Not only does Luther associate this with the torture he faced under Morris, but he also finds it belittling, and he sees it as an attack on his strength. Luther is also not incapable of feeling remorse after the death of the friend, which is made evident by his despondant reaction to Vulkas dying.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Quick-to-learn 
  • Intuitive
  • Rational


  • Socially Inept
  • Mentally unstable 
  • Insecure

Luther's Grudges

Due to Luther's misanthropic nature, he tends to take things very personally, and even though some of his grudges are understandable, even the smallest things can result in him keeping a long lasting resentment towards the cause of the problem. 

  • John Curtis - He was the one responsible for the invasion of Savorden, collapse of Venland, and death of Luther's father.
  • Azoth
  • Argus
  • Zurakiel Ketseuki
  • Zeo Miasmoras
  • Marlon Nokogiri
  • Sturgeon Low
  • Bayoll Notholirion
  • Tom Morris †

Abilities and Gear


  • Defence Magic - Luther can create temporary shields.
  • Energy-Based Magic
    • Electricity Manipulation
  • Elemental Magic
    • Physical Light Magic
    • Fire Magic
      • Fireball Creation
      • Combustion Inducement
  • Bio-Magic
    • Paralysis Inducement
  • Limited Precognition

Physical Abilities

  • Sleeplessness - Luther has found that he is unable to sleep peacefully, so he normally just wanders at night.


  • Morris' Wrench
  • Chemosh
  • Combat Staff
  • Gladius


  • Intuitive Aptitude - Luther is able to learn things such as new abilities and new skills exceptionally quickly. This has helped him climatize quickly to a world he is not used to.
  • Intuitive Polygraphy
  • Maximum Concentration
  • Excellent Memory - Luther is able to retain memories of things that most people would forget.
  • Medicinal - Luther, having spent time at medical school has an extensive knowledge of the different anatomies on helios, and is able to perform emergency surgery on each. He has yet to learn healing magic.
  • Linguistics - Luther is able to speak several other languages, including Runisian, Kylotean, Mercrian, Sabarian and Asterian. This ability is helped by his intuitive aptitude. 

Opinions and Relationships

  • John Curtis - Luther hates John Curtis with a passion due to his unlawful invasion of Venland, which had resulted in everything Luther had being taken away from him.
  • Ruselt Visarion - Although Luther still cares for Ruselt and is grateful that Ruselt is so protective, their relationship is strained due to Luther's tacit envy, and Ruselt's overbearing undermining personality.
  • Angel-Ion Enoshima - Although Luther doesn't dislike Angel-ion, he can't help but find him annoying at times as he tries to pry Luther out of his "shell." Luther also disapproves of Angel-Ion's often short-sighted judgements.
  • Vulkas Raido - Luther is grateful that Vulkas has taught him magic, although Luther can't help but be slightly intimidated by Vulkas.
  • Lanval Dultra - Luther's first impressions of Lanval were bad, as Lanval was responsible for the gauntlet becoming attached to his arm. After Lanval had saved Luther's life a few times, his views on him became more positive. Despite this positive view however, they don't socialise.