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Lurenos Veltan is the acting head of the Remnant State of Venland.


The Venlish Secret Intelligence Service

After Veltan had served for 7 years in the Venlish army, he was entered into the VSIS selection process in which he scored the highest out of his group. He was trained as an intelligence agent, and kept this job for 11 years, by which point, he was promoted to director of VSIS, where he was able to serve directly under King Roarak Visarion.

Fall of Venland

As Canorican forces began to push towards Savorden, Roarak feared for Venland's future, and ordered Veltan, as well as several other trusted generals and politicians to leave Savorden, and head to the Isle of Reed, where they would reside in an underground bunker. Once Veltan arrived, he oversaw the construction of the bunker, ensuring that it had top tier facilities so the future of Venland would be secure. Veltan then recieved word that Savorden had fallen, and that Roarak had been executed. He then retreated into the bunker with the other evacuees and made the people of Lorinham keep the bunker a secret, or else there would be swift and potentially deadly retribution. Here, he set up the Remnant State of Venland which would be responsible for taking back the mainland once it had gathered enough strength. Due to Veltan's loyalty to the Venlish monarchy, he also made finding Roarak's bloodline one of Remnant State's main objectives.


Lurenos is very well built and taller than the average Venlon. He has pale grey lifeless eyes and he has a cleanly shaven beard. He wears a black suit with matching black trousers, tie, shoes and waistcoat. On his lapel, he wears his director badge, and a pin-on broach of the Venlish crow.


One of Lurenos' main traits is his complete and utter devotion to Venland, and the monarchy. Due to this almost obssesive loyalty, Lurenos has sacrificed his social life and to others, he will appear too serious or uptight. Despite this, his colleagues deeply respect him due to his complete belief in the Remnant State's cause. 

However, years of being in the Venlish Secret Intelligence Service have taken their toll, and Lurenos has turned into a cold and stern dutiful workaholic. He is a keen tactician and good in emergency situations, however he has been known to exploit his work force to fuel the Venlish cause. Due to his cold exterior, he finds it hard to notice their distress, but most are afraid to confront him on such an issue.

Despite having a calm and collected demeanor, Lurenos will become very angry, sometimes to the point of violence, if something doesn't go to plan, or the secrecy of the bunker is compromised. 

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Durability 
  • Extremely Enhanced Strength



  • Marksmanship - Being in the army, and the secret service has trained Lurenos to be a crack shot with nearly all types of firearms.
  • Organisation - Veltan's very meticulous and disciplined nature make him a very good organiser.