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Ludovic Boros was once a high ranking manager within the Underground, meaning he ensured that the smaller Underground groups were up to par, and he also oversaw special operations. Despite his high rank however, he did not personally know the Underground's chairman. He is now no longer a member of the Underground.


Early Life

It is assumed that Ludovic was raised by the Underground from a very young age.


Ludovic was tasked with overseeing the "Visarion Operation", in which his first action was to hire Othil and his gang in order to obtain the Visarions; Cetera, Ruselt and Luther; while Ludovic made his way to Laguz. This proved to be a mistake, as Othil was incapable of handling the situation, and didn't stick to the Underground's code of discretion. He was therefore forced to deal with Othil and his gang, delaying him.

Days later, he was informed that Inara Winters wanted to make an exchange with the Underground, and Ludovic requested permission from the executive board to head this exchange, seeing it as a potential opportunity to ensure that Mercria would make an effort to capture the Visarions. After meeting with Inara, he visited various other intelligence services in many different countries to ensure their commitment to finding the Visarions.


Ludovic has pale grey eyes and short spiky naturally white hair. His Asterian horns are considerably short in comparison to other Asterians. He wears a white shirt, and slate suspended trousers with a flat cap. He is slim in appearance, and outwardly very unintimidating. 


Ludovic is extremely loyal to the Underground, and works by the book, as shown by the fact that he wasn't even curious as to who the Chairman was. Ludovic is considerably merciless when carrying out Underground commands, as shown by his lack of hesitation when dealing with Othil.

He has an incredibly professional demeanour, rarely showing any emotions, and carrying out his duties in a very methodical and discrete way. However, this has also proven to be a weakness. His tendency to overthink his tasks has resulted in him taking potentially unnecessary actions. For example, he took steps to ensure that various secret service agencies around the world were all hunting for the Visarions, all without knowing their rough whereabouts. 

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Calculating 
  • Professional
  • Methodical


  • Over-analytical
  • Poor judge-of-character

Abilities and Gear


  • Astra Semi-Auto M6
  • Folding Knife


  • Tracking
  • Telegraphy
  • Martial Arts
  • Bilinguilism
    • Asterian (Native Language)
    • Mercrian
    • Venlish
    • Haphaen