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Religion is the belief of a certain god or gods within Aether. There are different kinds worshipped across the world.

Known Religious Types

The Faith of the Lord

The Faith of the Lord is the religion that most believe in, and is the accepted religion of the Allied Nations, being worshipped by citizens of Ancora, Canorica, Besmarka, Novalia, Kratonia and Jazira. The Faith's god is referred to only as the "Lord". Ancora is considered the "Capital of the Faith" due to being highly religious.

God of Fate

The God of Fate, Unmei, is the principal god worshipped in Kyloto, and is seen to be the one in charge of dictating the fates of the people in the world.

God of the Sword

A fabled entity that is associated with swords in Kylotean culture, and the origin of their pantheist beliefs. It is also believed that the God of the Sword was the creator of the four God Swords, though that desination belongs to Io.

Spartoi Gods

The Sun God, Nar, was the god worshipped by the Spartoi, and currently worshipped in Anathar. Nar is believed to be the god that casts the sun over the land.

The Night God, Zil, is seen to be the antithesis of Nar, and represented by the night. Zil is believed to be in a constant battle with Nar, which the Spartoi believed to be the root cause of day and night. Zil is also associated with curses, such as the curse afflicting the undead Spartoi in various sites, as well as the Sunless Land within the Shadowlands' Desert Colossus.

The Creator and the Scribe

The Creator is believed to have been the creator of all things, who became disatisfied with the misuse of his most treasured creation. The Creator revealed their thoughts to a man known as The Scribe over several years, before disappearing, with the promise of paradise once Aether's inhabitants used magic as set out in the Scribe's writings.

World Tree

The World Tree, Förmyndare, is a god that apparently takes the form of a large tree, which governs the existence of magic and life. It is the religious symbol of the Quendam. In reality, it is the largest Yggdrall tree in the Forest of the Fey.

Son of the Sea

The Son of the Sea, Theos, is a god of sorts that was worshipped in Meropis, and is today considered rare in terms of worship. Despite this, most pirates seem to believe in the Lord of the Sea.

Nature Child

The "Nature Child" is the apparent "daughter" of Theos, and apparently has the ability to control nature.

The Light

Avalonis is a mysterious prophetic deity that serves as a guidance of sorts to Paladins of Regolia. Avalonis' "light" has been known to lead them to serve others, no matter what morality that person has. It is believed that clairvoyancy, without the use of a third eye, is one of her light's gifts. She is believed to by the "mother" of Nyvene.

Lake Goddess

The Lake Goddess, Nyneve, as an old god that is still believed in some parts of Regolia. She is believed to be the one who armed the Regolian Knight with his sword, and was the one who granted King Harold the power to become king. She is believed to be the "daughter" of Avalonis. She is associated with the Acanthus flower.

God of the Myriad

A mysterious god worshipped by the Myriad, used as the basis for the cult's creation. Its nature is unknown even to some of the Myriad's greatest warriors. It is apparent that this god's gift is the ability to see time with an extra eye. Only Kuru and Jamba appear to know about this god. According to the insignia of the Myriad, this god is depicted as a carnation flower with a single eye.

Dragon Gods

Qing Jinlong, also known as the Golden Dragon of Light, is a deity believed to be the creator of Shanzhu, and is associated with purity and life.

Ju Heilong, also known as the Black Dragon of Darkness, is known as Qing Jinlong's sibling, and is believed by the people of Shanzhu to be the creator of Hormida and its people, who are considered demons in Shanzhu's culture. Ju Heilong is associated with evil, death and corruption.

Gods of Alchemy

Apollon and Phoebe are a twinned pair of deities known to be associated with alchemy, and represent the sun and the moon, respectively.

Apollon is said to have the fierce will of a lion, and is said to be destined to consume the sun. Meanwhile, Phoebe is said to possess the gentle nature of a deer, and serves as the emmisary of the moon, using her bat-like wings to travel from there.

It is said that the absence of Apollon and Phoebe would spell the end of the world, while the union of the two is said to be a blessing. The Solstice of the Sun, an annual total eclipse, exists to celebrate this harmony.

The Sun and Moon Stones are associated with these gods.

Blinding One

This deity is considerably mysterious due to the fact that it is very little known. The Blinding One is a supposed god that is reported to intend to steal the light of the twins Apollon and Phoebe. Azoth considers the mysterious Black Box to be a gift from the god, while the Sabari First Host considered this particular deity to be "extraterrestrial".

Texts imply that the Blinding One's objective was spurred on by the loss of something of its own, which it wishes to replace by force. While Apollon represent the Sun, and Phoebe represents the Moon, the Blinding One is said to represent both light in general, and the darkness of the eclipse.

Unlike other gods, who have known shapes and forms, such as the shapes of mankind, trees, lions, bats and dragons, the Blinding One's shape and form are totally unknown.