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Liscard Crookhorn is one of Novalia's "Founding Fathers", and is the first Lord of Novalia. He was General of the National Front during Novalia's time within the Venlish Empire, and later led the Novalians into a battle for independence against them. He died of a mysterious illness.


Novalian Independence

When a young Novalian boy was arrested for being involved in a terrorist plot, the Novalians were outraged and campaigned for his release, but this was refused. Many Novalians started to cause uproars, which caused the Venlish Empire to kill sixteen people. Novalia had a massive outcry against this, and, led by Crookhorn, fought against the Venlish Empire for independence. The resulting conflict caused great casualties on both sides, but eventually resulted in the Empire withdrawing from Novalia, and Kalir Visarion, their leader, reluctantly signed for their independence.

Founding Father

Having unfinished business, Crookhorn set about devising a new government for the now independant Novalia, and gave himself the position of Lord, a title which would be given to an elected body in six years time. Crookhorn would become recognised as a Founding Father of Novalia during these years.

When learning of Kalir Visarion's demise, Crookhorn and the rest of Novalia celebrated, this day would later become a public day off in Novalia.


Crookhorn contracted a mysterious illness, leading to his death. Doctors were baffled as they could not identify the illness, yet alone cure it.

Crookhorn's funeral was attended by his family, as well as the current and all surviving previous Lords of Novalia, and their respective Ministers, and their families. Hardware Quadroceptus, the son of Deciduous Quadroceptus, failed to attend, his whereabouts unknown.