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The Levia-Haphaen War was a 4 year conflict between the two rising superpowers.


  • Cercyon conducts a coup which eliminates the ruling council of Haphae, along with the head of the army, Lei Zhen. He assumes dictatorial control over the country, and quickly suppresses resistance. 
  • Haphae's ally, the democratic Levian Federation lead by Aldo Salvia, issue an ultimatum demanding that Cercyon reverse his reforms. He refuses, and quickly builds up the army in anticipation of war, triggering an arms race. 
  • After several months of organisation, preparation and failed abritrations, Aldo Salvia issues a formal declaration of war on Haphae. 


  • Levia attack through the Eastern Corridor (the strip of land that is east of Druantia), and are met with fierce Haphaen resistance. Throughout the course of the war, very little progress is made with frontlines constantly moving north, and then south again, and heavy losses are incurred on both sides. 
  • Both sides attempt to subvert the stalemate by moving troops through Druantia in order to blind-side the enemy, but they are all unprepared for the harsh conditions and die. 
  • Whereas Haphae is able to unite behind the war effort, the Levian Federation divides, with some states threatening to secede. This threat of instability scares the populous, and in an election in 1188, they elect Orchus Retaliak, who promises to bring strong leadership and unity to Levia, bringing everything under the control of a central government. 
  • Orchus Retaliak is elected leader of the Levian Federation at the age of 28. 
  • Retaliak centralises the government as promised, and uses this to assume dictatorial control over the country. He cracks down on any resistance within his own country, including secessionist movements. He places regional leaders who are loyal to him in charge of the Levian states, all of which answer to the central Government in Kaij. 
  • A serious resistance lead by Aldo Salvia puts pressure on Orchus to end the war, in order to focus on his consolidation of power. 
  • Both sides were beginning to see the futility of the war, prompting Orchus to propose a peace treaty which Cercyon accepts in April, 1188. 
  • Orchus focuses on crushing Salvia's rebellion, and he is executed in June. 


  • Any land taken during the war was restored to its rightful owner. 
  • The Levian Federation is successfully centralised into a fascist dictatorship. 
  • A mutual respect is created between Cercyon and Retaliak.