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Lei Zhen is a Haphaen General and head of the Haphaen Army.


Rise to power

Cercyon managed to convince Zhen that the Ruling Council would lead Haphae into chaos, as they failed to care for the poorest in society. He told Zhen that this could lead to a peasants revolt, and cost many lives. As a result of this, Zhen assisted Cercyon in his coup, and helped him to secure control of the country once the Ruling Council had been eliminated. The ensuing war between the Levian Federation and Haphae gave Zhen a chance to shine, and he achieved several victories against the Levians in the Eastern Strip, resulting in Cercyon making him Head of the Army. 


Although a highlight decorated General, Zhen wears fairly plain military fatigues and a hat, as well as a single badge of office. He has thin grey hair and dark brown eyes. 


He is a very modest individual, as shown by the fact he doesn't flaunt his medals. As a result of this, he has become very popular among the common people, in contrast to Cercyon, who is seen as a very impersonal symbol of power. 

He is a very dutiful individual, and incredibly loyal to his country.