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Ledran Kaliot was a scout of the Dominion of Kyloto.


Ledran's scout team were the ones to spot Angel-Ion travelling at sea. His team relayed this information to the Missionaries, who attacked. Ledran later arrived back in Kyloto, where he found Avaloss Voldin kneeling before Shen Gikoku. Ledran began criticising Avaloss, but Shen blasted off his arm for causing trouble. Ledran, not wanting to die, refused Shen's offer to give his report laying down. Ledran gave his report, including his theories about how long it would take for Angel-Ion to reach Sabaria, and how long it would take for his damaged boat to capsize. Shen became annoyed, and asked if Ledran was a prophet. Ledran stated that he was not, but had his head blasted off.


Ledran has two horns and long hair, which is grey one side, and black the other. He has several piercings on his face.


Ledran is an audacious man, able to criticise Avaloss in front of Shen, but soon turned yellow after Shen destroyed his arm. Ledran is particularly condescending towards Avaloss, who is his rival. Ledran is completely submissive to Shen, who he fears greatly.