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Kyloto is a culturally-inclined country that formerly had the honour of being Helios' largest country. It is one of current members of the Autocratic Confederacy.



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The military is comprised of the armies of each of the seven clans, as well as the Hyakujū Legion, and the country's naval fleet. Much like workers, some soldiers have to work when not in conflict, however, their tasks are not confined to such tasks like farming. Instead, soldiers often work as blacksmiths, weaponsmiths and lumberjacks, with the Naval Fleet also being tasked as shipwrights.

The Hyakujū Legion, known informally as the Gifters, is a special force within the military, as they exist as elite soldiers. Despite being from each of the seven clans, the Legion is considered its own military. This is also likewise for the Naval Fleet. The Legion is led by a Headliner.

The Oathkeepers are exceptionally trained warriors and peacekeepers who maintain the families serving the Dominion of Kyloto, often keeping their deals and services with the Dominion in check. Each family has either one or two Oathkeepers each. Oathkeepers are all tasked with the slaughter of a family head and assimilation of the rest of the fsmily should the family fail to provide or betray the Dominion.


  • Makai - 6,500,000 soldiers
  • Orochi - 4,200,000 soldiers
  • Denatsu - 3,100,000 soldiers
  • Hirai - 1,772,000 soldiers
  • Toge - 2,420,000 soldiers
  • Acua - 1,760,000 soldiers
  • Cymbal - 3,100,000 soldiers
  • Hyakujū Legion - 2,200,000 soldiers
  • Punishment Force - 4,000 soldiers
  • Naval Fleet - 1,730,000 soldiers
  • Kamikaze - 50,000 soldiers
  • Beast Tamers - 20,110 soldiers
  • Battle Cavalry:
    • 26 Dragons
    • 12,000 Mammoths
    • 46,000 Falcons
    • 1,220,000 Gigant Wolves
    • 9,300 Rhinoceros
    • 125,000 Boars
    • 5,530,000 Horses
    • 1,000 Cassowaries
  • Oathkeepers - 55 soldiers
  • Royal Guard - 2,000 soldiers
  • Oka Eritoshin - 16 officers


Unusually for a country, Kyloto's workers are paid dependant on their work performance, meaning they earn money dependant on their work performance. If a worker does not produce in high numbers or provides the best quality, they will be paid less. Despite all of this, workers are allowed to keep a share of their produce to supply to their families.

Kyloteans who work in the mines are treated differently, as they exist as slaves, meaning they only earn food for their produce, dependant on work performance. Should the Kyloteans gain a replacement slave force for them, the Kylotean slaves are to be liberated.


Native Race


Kyloteans commonly believe strongly in fate, often relying on it to answer their problems or to carve out their future. Some Kylotean sword-wielders often believe in pantheism, and are often seen conversing or mentally communicating with their swords.