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Ken Javert is the current Commissioner of the Clockwatch. He is known from undergoing unstoppable hot pursuits into other countries, in order to capture wanted criminals.



Javert has hunted down several criminals to have stepped foot on or appeared in Novalia. This includes those who have fled.

Javert has had a deadly encounter with Horndahl in the past.



Javert is incredibly persistent and stubborn, known for his unstoppable hot pursuits and cross-country chases, a feat that earned him the title "Deadlock Chaser".

Despite this, Javert has been known to "pardon" his criminals if they save his life, or the life of another, but he will always remind them that he'll continue his chase later, using a "head start" as his means of returning the favour of a good deed. He will only stop his relentless pursuits if the criminal is captured or acquitted of their crimes.

His activities are often met with chagrin from his colleagues, due to his position.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Stamina


  • Compactable Pursuer Motorcycle, All-Terrain Class
  • Electronic Bludgeon
  • Clockwatch Pursuit Gear
  • Assault Gauntlets
  • Standard Lighter
  • Sword


  • Expert Climbing Skills
  • Exceptional Navigation