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Kalir Visarion was the father of Toranican Visarion, and emperor of the Venlish Empire.


The Novalian War for Independence

The Novalian War for Independence sparked when a young boy was arrested for being involved in a terrorist plot. Many Novalians campaigned for his release based on his age, but Kalir ordered that he be kept in custody. He then noticed that riots were breaking out and ordered soldiers to open fire on protesters that got too close. When the soldiers opened fire, the riots retreated and 16 people had been killed. Novalia, led by National Front general Liscard Crookhorn, started an uprising that resulted in heavy casualties on both sides, and due to economic restraints in Venland, Kalir ordered that Venland be pulled out of Novalia. He reluctantly signed a treaty which gave them independence. As a direct result of insoburdination in Novalia, Kalir oppressed other colonies heavily to ensure that another rebellion would not take place.


The years of running colonies took their toll on Kalir, and he began to develop paranoia and stress which resulted in him suffering from a brain haemorrhage. This ultimately resulted in his death.