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John Curtis is the leader of the Canorican Orthodox Party and recently deposed President of Canorica.


War with Venland

Due to tensions between Venland and the rest of Helios due to their isolationist policies and previous colonialism, John Curtis became paranoid in regards to their economic expansion. During Venland's industrial revolution, new weapons were made, as well as the infinity generator, which was capable of creating limitless electrical energy from a magical source. Due to John Curtis' own personal jealousy of Venlish technology, he decided to build up the illusion across Helios that Venland were planning to retake all their previous colonies with their new weapons and technology. This made it very easy for him to persuade congress to allow war to be declared, and to persuade other countries to help fund the war, as they too were paranoid. Ultimately, he declared war on Venland, and due to superior numbers, as well as constant economic stimulus from Ivanovich Ketrov, the Isle of Venland was invaded. However, the war had caused the Canorican economy to collapse, and a vote-of-no-confidence was taken, which ended Curtis' presidency. Despite this, congress still believed that Venland was up to no good, making it difficult for the new president, Joshua Andrews, to pass some of his more liberal policies. Curtis was able to retain his position as head of the Canorican police, and he added Luther Visarion, Ruselt Visarion and Cetera Visarion to the most wanted list.



John Curtis is extremely stubborn and can at times act rashly. He is not afraid to bend the laws to further his own political needs.

Abilities and Gear


Public Speaking - John Curtis is a very powerful public speaker, and he was able to get the support of congress so he could fund his war against Canorica. He also managed to persuade other country leaders, including those of differing political systems, to donate to the war effort.