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Inara Winters is the fascist chancellor of Mercria. She is one of the three main leaders in the Autocratic Confederacy.


Rise to Power

Inara entered the political arena as democracy proved to be a slow and ineffective process which had caused huge ecenomic issues for Mercria. Inara, using her own charisma, sharp tongue and her behavioral manipulation abilities was quick to gain sponsers to fund her campaign. She gained a lot of support from the people who were most heavily hit by the ecenomic depression, as they craved stronger leadership. Using money from her sponsers, Winters was able to employ a private army which would act to intimidate political opponents and blackmail people into endorsing her cause. In the election, Winters was voted into power, and banned all political opponents. She cemented her power by inviting all of her opponents to a dinner party, in which her personal guards promptly stabbed the guests to death. This was immediately covered up, and her role as Chancellor of Mercria was fixed. She also had the boy who bullied her during childhood arrested and has tortured him ever since.


Inara Winters has bright yellow eyes, as well as long blonde hair that reaches to her shoulders and is braided at the back. She wears a a golden tiara as well as a slim gold and black dress.


In the eyes of her people, Inara is seen as eccentric and quirky, which adds to her likability with the public. To the people, she seemed confident within her beliefs that democracy was a slow process that did more harm than good, and this cemented her election result, which ended democracy in Mercria, and made her the chancellor.

However, Inara is both deceptive and cunning as proven by her political maneuverability and how she got into power. Despite this, she appears to only be motivated by her megalomania, as opposed to the public's belief that she was an anti-democratic autocrat. As a result of her megalomania, she often abuses her power for her own personal amusement, and has been able to authorise torture, just so she can get revenge on those who have wronged her. She is very lively, but also prone to psychotic episodes of either laughter, or anger. Though not an incompetant ruler, she mostly leaves legislative laws to her council, unless she wants to change something to suit her needs.

Inara doesn't seem to take war and politics very seriously, and she appears to see it as some sort of game, which is confirmed by the deranged enjoyment she can squeeze from it. She tries to set herself goals which make the game more challenging, like when she tried to find out about the Galahad Arms without directly hypnotising Deciduous. When a "game," doesn't work out in her favour (which is rare in her case), she is unlikely to see the seriousness of her predicament as she is not used to losing.

Despite this childish mentality, she isn't afraid to get serious when she feels her power is under threat, and will act ruthlessly to ensure the threat is removed. Due to her often erratic behaviour, most opponents tend to underestimate her intelligence. Inara is actually very intelligent, and a keen strategist, and due to her often seemingly random moves, she is incredibly unpredictable. 

Abilities and Gear


  • Mental Magic
    • Behavioral and Emotional Manipulation - Inara Winters is able to manipulate someone's mental state and can send a calm and collected person into a deranged breakdown. She managed to use this to create hatred towards the democracy that once existed within Mercria, and this allowed her to manipulate the masses to her favour.
    • Hypnotic State Inducement -


  • Poisoned Brooch Pin - The pin that holds Inara's diamond Brooch onto her dress is coated in a potent neurotoxin which paralyzes the victim and leads to an eventual but swift suffocation. 


  • Politics - Inara has a very strategic mind when it comes to politics, and is very good at finding ways to exploit the system without breaking the law. This makes her hard to out-maneuver and at times, outright dangerous.
  • Pressure Point Intuition
  • Bilinguilism - Inara speaks both Mercrian, and Venlish.

Opinions and Relationships

Shen Gikoku - Despite the fact they have similar political ideals, Inara Winters has a tendancy to poke fun at Shen due to his more serious nature, even calling him, "the dull flame of the south." She also mocks his country due to it's antiquated culture, which has made the Kylotean-Mercrian alliance very strained. She exploits her freedom to insult Shen as she knows that if he were to break off the alliance it could have devastating consequences for Kyloto.

Orchus Retailik - Inara finds Orchus absolutely fascinating due to his more deceptive nature. She enjoys seeing what he will do next, but she is tacitly wary of his motives. [expansion needed]