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Hormida is a fascist country situated in Somnus, and are considered warmongerers, known for starting unneeded conflicts for poor reasons. They are considered Kyloto's greatest rivals, having previously been caught in a 50-years-long war with them, known as the "Golden War".



Hormida is divided into three provinces; the leading house and the Golden and Silver Hives. The leading house is situated in the capital city of Colmena, while the Hives are situated in the cities of Anidar and Pabellon.

The two lesser provinces are led by a Gold and Silver Custodian, respectively. These leaders are commonly twins, to reflect balance.

The active ruler, a king or queen, rules the nation from Corona Palace, found in the heart country, in between Colmena, Anidar and Pabellon. A new king or queen is chosen via next of kin, excluding via marriage, meaning the eldest child is the first possible candidate.

If there is no next of kin, it is common for the Four Pillars, the ruler's four generals, to open a writ of challenge, where the first person to best all four generals in combat is chosen as the next ruler. Alternatively, the crown may be challenged for the throne, resulting in a fight, often to the death.

Each ruler is required to have a total of one advisor and four generals, known as the "Four Pillars", which stems from Hormidae symbolism that "Four Pillars hold up the Crown". The Four Pillars are usually female, and replacements are always chosen by the current ruler.


Garuda Khan
Four Pillars
Cicada Hollow Dulaan Melepaskan Tsolmon Tselmeg Chimeg Myanga
Gold Custodian Advisor Silver Custodian
Alt Tor Zakhia Spoken Bold Tor


Native Race

The Hormidae have an unusual genetic makeup, often resembling humanoids with reptiloid and insectoid bodily features, including wings, tails, sectioned bodies, antennae and multiple arms.