Helmut Urkhine

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Helmut Urkhine is a voodoo practitioner and leader of the Asarash, an assassin troupe of female, four-armed Hormidae sextuplets. He is currently in possession of the Aspect of Wrath, one of seven ancient pieces of armour.


At some point in the past, Helmut found the Aspect of Wrath. Later in life, his self-experimentation was able to grant him wings, but caused his body to malform some what. Later on, he came under the command of the Asarash, a troupe of sextuplet assassins from Hormida.


As a Besmarkan, Helmut has the usual qualities possessed by his brethren, namely legs that resemble those of a goat, as well as a pair of curled horns and a large goatee. As a result of self-experimentation in the past, Helmut has a pair of bat-like wings, and has completely grey skin, with black hair, black eyes and green, glowing irises. He wears the Aspect of Wrath on his right arm, but lacks the stone that would go in its indentation.


Abilities and Gear


  • Anger Empowerment
  • Voodoo Magic
    • ​Plant Manipulation
    • Skeleton-Based Necromancy
    • Dream Manipulation
      • ​Nightmare Inducement
    • Green Fire Manipulation
      • ​Pyroportation
      • Summoning
      • Fire Magic
    • Mask-Based Shapeshifting
    • Thread Manipulation
      • Voodoo Doll Creation
        • Voodoo Combat
          • ​Damage Distribution
        • ​Puppet Mastery
          • Motor-Skill Manipulation
      • Dream-Catcher Creation
    • Card Magic
    • Self-Shadow Manipulation

Physical Abilities

  • Flight


  • Aspect of Wrath
  • Astaroth


  • Puppet Mastery
  • Limited Divination
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