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Heika Denophilius is the Princess of Kratonia, and is the heiress to the House of Denophilius, the current monarchical family of Kratonia. She is infamous for leading a country at such a young age.


At the age of twelve, Heika's father had planned to leave Kratonia to head to Asteria, to make talks with bringing Asteria into the Allied Nations. However, during the crossing of Asteria's borders, the envoy was bombarded by a Kylotean attack force spearheaded by the Oka Eritoshin Zurakiel Ketseuki and Doriru Agobiar, under orders from Shen Gikoku. The attack force succeeded in wiping out everyone except for three people: Heika, her mother, and Rear Admiral Rhydiac Gailax, who lost his leg in an attempt to get the young princess and her mother to safety. The Asterians shortly cancelled the deal after learning of this attack.

A few weeks after the ordeal, Heika's mother died from a mystery illness. Heika was put through advanced education and discipline in order to fit her into the leadership role of Kratonia's monarchy.



Heika is very well-mannered and disciplined, and is gentle and kind. Due to her position, she is often found at a constant loss, which usually results in an outburst in stress, occassionally locking herself in her room. She deeply cares for the wellbeing of her people, especially those who have risked their lives for the sake of her or her family.

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