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Hector Trydium is the man responsible for the creation of Venland's Infinity Generator.


Creation of the Infinity Generator

After finishing his education, Hector joined the Venlish Science Assosiation where he proposed his theories on how the law of energy conservation was flawed, and how it could be disproved with a magical energy source. This idea ultimately spiralled into blueprints of an "Infinity Generator", which would have many uses in the future. 

Using a team given to him by the VSA, he was able to draw up plans for the generator, and eventually, the Infinity Generator project was finished. It was immediately used to supply whole cities with limitless power. 

Fall of Savorden

As Canorican forces approached Savorden, Hector was sent away, along with other high profile politicians and VSIS agents, to the Lorinham bunker, where he could continue his research and work.


Trydium has bright blue eyes and short dark brown curly hair. He wears typical lab whites and a shirt and tie underneath.


Abilities and Gear


  • Physics - Hector was brilliant when it came to theoretical physics, and was a keen studier of energy conservation. He found a particular annoyance with the law of the conservation of energy. It was this law that he attempted to disprove by creating an unlimited energy source, which ultimately lead to the creation of the Infinity Generator.