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Hardware Quadroceptus, known publically by his alias, Crowned, is the first and current King of Novalia. He is the estranged son of the current Lord, Deciduous Quadroceptus.




As the leader of Galahad Arms, Hardware is required to be incredibly cunning and keen. Hardware can be very arrogant at times, and can be ruthless against rivals and enemies to his underground empire. He can keep a cool head in dire situations. He is also persistent of his goals. Due to spending most of his time wearing a helmet, his diet has developed into mostly eating thin foods, such as his favourite dish, noodles, which he is able to eat through the holes in said helmet. This can be bothersome to others, as he often slurps his food loudly. He is known for his sometimes deadpan comments and his dark humour. He always refers to Deciduous as "Old Man".

Abilities and Gear


  • Electricity Manipulation - An inherited form of magic that allows Hardware to create and control electricity.
    • Detection Field - Hardware can create a field of static electricity to determine if somebody is close.

Physical Abilities

  • Blood Doping - Hardware possesses the ability to dope his own blood to increase the number of blood cells in his body. This gives him added endurance and durability in a pinch.


  • Silver G.A Leadlock Pistol - A flintlock pistol that has been specifically designed to fire lead bullets. This pistol is the only one of its type, and was specifically created for Hardware's use.
  • Gauntlet Gun - A modified gauntlet that fires bullets whenever the user tightly squeezes their hand.
  • Dual Magnums


  • Exceptional Marksmanship