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Haphae is the second largest country in Helios and spans from the west to the east of the midlands.


Before Compendium, Haphae in comparison to the early Venlish empire was a relatively weak country, but due to increased hostilities with Kyloto, began to modernise itself. After Haphae's success in the Compendium War, they had doubled in size as they had seized the Northern Kylotean grasslands. Several wars would be fought with Kyloto in the years to come posing a great cost to it's populous, but Haphae's boarders remained relatively unchanged. 

Years of autocratic rule in Haphae had made the people disgruntled, and a revolution occured, prompting the creation of the ruling council. This consisted of a council of several people, who would rule the country as a coalition. This failed miserably, and allowed people like Phillotus Cercyon to rise to power.


The Haphaen government consists of a Premier, who rules over the supreme council which govern the country. Haphae is a one party communist state, meaning all businesses have been nationalised and all workers are given equal rights, sometimes at the expense of their personal freedoms.



  • 900,000 Soldiers 
  • 300,000 Field Mages
  • 20,000 Elite Guards
  • 90,000 Special Forces
  • 10,000 Heavy tanks (40,000 personnel)
  • 15,000 Light tanks (25,000 personnel)
  • 10,000 Turreted Vehicles (30,000 personnel)
  • 10,000 Long Range Artillery Guns (20,000 personnel)
  • 1,355,000 army personel in total.


  • 40 Large Battleships (28,000 personnel)
  • The Haphaen Flag Ship (1,000 personnel)
  • 2,300 Coast guard boats (6,900 personnel)
  • 30 Armoured Destroyers (15,000 personnel)
  • 60 Light Destroyers (24,000 personnel)
  • 500 Gunboats (25,000 personnel)
  • 5 Submarines (100 personnel)
  • 100,000 Navy personel in total 

Air Force

  • 1,000 Lesser Airships (50,000 personnel)
  • 400 Greater Airships (400,000 personnel)
  • 200 Armoured Airships (200,000 personnel)
  • 6 Prototype Cercyon-Class Airships (1,200 personnel)
  • 651,200 Airship Crew in total


Native Race

All Haphaens are elvish in appearence. They have pointed ears, sunken eyes, and elongated noses.