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Fuhai Owari is the current boss of the Owari Crime Family.


Fuhai took over the Owari family trade, including the slave markets and three slave mines, after his father's retirement, but tightened the grip over the town the family ruled, and cut slave rations in the mines in half. He has destroyed many homes in the town for failing to pay his enforced taxes. By taking his father's place, Fuhai also inherited his father's position within the underworld.

A New Leaf

After Shen's abolishment of the Kazoku, Fuhai's assets in Kyloto were stripped from him, including access to his two smaller mine shafts, his home and his business within Kyloto. He himself was nearly killed by Oran Mandarin, suffering a near-deadly burn to the side of his waist. He gathered what was left of his business and sought out the Underground.

He later managed to rebuild somewhat, building a new manor hidden in the mountains in southern Kyloto. The manor was built near a larger emerald mine.


Fuhai wears a fully black suit with an emerald green tie and effects.

Following his dismissal from the Dominion and conflict with Shiro Magala, he has a massive burn on the side of his waist.


Fuhai was formally incredibly arrogant. He was also boastful with his special abilities.

Following his near-death experience, Fuhai is level-headed and more thoughful over his actions.

Abilities and Gear


  • High-Power Wind Breath
  • Wind Blast

Physical Abilities