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Evelyn Wright, known by her code-name, "The Auditor" is a senior Underground manager, primarily concerned with quality control.


Like most Underground Managers since 1216, she was raised from birth by the Underground to make her well-suited for the role. 


She has very piercing blue eyes, white hair which is neatly cut at the neckline and at the fringe and some round wire-frame glasses. She wears a formal grey dress that goes down to her knees. It features a buttoned-up front, a belt around the waist, and suit-like collar. This is accompanied by formal black shoes, and a red pearl necklace. 


She is described by most as severe and serious, while also showing a high level of competance, and confidence in her own abilities. She is feared throughout the Underground, and even by other Managers. 

Abilities and Gear


  • Plasma Manipulation

Physical Abilities

  • Firearm Intuition
  • Unarmed Combat Intuition


  • Multilingualism