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Eleanor Moore is a member of the Remnant State of Venland. She works directly under Lurenos Veltan, and is responsible for counselling Ruselt.


The Remnant State

Eleanor Moore was among several other counsellors sent to the Lorinham complex, and her initial role was to help soldiers with PTSD. Upon inspection of her talents, Lurenos chose her to be the counseller for the King-in-waiting. When Ruselt and Luther were located by the Remnant State, it was her job to persuade Ruselt to take up the mantel of King.


Eleanor often wears her formal Remnant State suit which involves a black formal jacket, white shirt


Eleanor is very empathetic, as is to be expected from her. She is considered a trustworthy shoulder to cry on, however behind this lies an ever so slightly manipulative side. This is made evident as she is able to use the actions of Luther's father as leverage to encourage him to accept his role as King. However, she by no means enjoys this, and the only reason she does this is because she is often pressured to do so by Veltan.