Ecruteak Amoura is the Chief of Domestic Affairs in the Galahad Arms. She is in charge with maintaining the Arms' inner business and affairs. She is also a specialised hitwoman and seductress.



Ecruteak has an unnatural condition that gives her yellow coloured eyeballs. Ecruteak typically wears a black tank top which has two yellow stripes running across it. She wears a teak flower in her black hair. She often wears a white mask with a cross opening.


Despite being a high up member of the Galahad Arms, Ecruteak does not often use her codename or mask, mostly due to her nature as a seductress. Ecruteak is bisexual, but has more attraction towards females.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities



  • Seduction Intuition
  • Sexual Instinct
  • Enhanced Assassination
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