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After learning of a meeting between Kratonia and Asteria, on behalf of the Allied Nations, Shen sent Doriru and Zurakiel to wipe out the envoy. They succeeded in their task, but three Kratonians managed to escape. The attack became one of the keystones for Asteria's recluse from the rest of the continent.

On his quest to gather families to build up the Dominion, Shen had sights on a tenth family, the legendary blacksmith Enoshima Family, whose current heirarch was his nephew, Tanzar-Ion Enoshima. Tanzar-Ion, a peaceful man who disliked violence, vehemently refused Shen's request. Shen ordered the Oka Eritoshin to lay waste to the family and have Tanzar-Ion imprisoned. Unbeknownst to Shen, Tanzar-Ion ordered his three children, and their close friends, to flee the country, entrusting each of his children the swords Kagero, Yukiha and Sekken. Shen became aware of this and ordered all six escapees to be captured, however, his forces only succeeded in separating them.

Military Draft

Following Kitsuke's betrayal and founding of the Resistance, one of Shen's first actions was to abolish the Kazoku, a factor of the Dominion established by Yugure Gikoku. Those that voted to keep the system were eliminated, and those that did not attend were captured and later executed, excluding Tsuga Atorasu, who was captured, and Fuhai Owari, who escaped. The assets left behind by the Kazoku and other lords were liquidated into the Dominion's own.

At some point, the Royal Guard was commissioned, and Werlock Ryusei was given charge as its leader.



Overlord of Kyloto
Shen Gikoku
Queen Consort of Kyloto
Aishi Gikoku
Crown Prince of Kyloto
Nobunaga Gikoku
Three Pillars
Lord Shogun of the Dominion Lord Imperial of Kyloto Lord Command of the Royal Guard
Shiro Magala Oran Mandarin Werlock Ryusei
Great Naval Commander Boss of the Punishment Force Hyakujū Legion Headliner
Ryokai Jian Raichi Strom Pedro Senin
Oathkeeper General Missionary Captain
Tobira Chikai Avaloss Voldin
Oka Eritoshin
Doriru Agobiar Roed Raithe Hickory Kedamon Zurakiel Ketseuki
Kiri Hakase Yoru Silva Sanzu Kane Soru Tamashi
Pin Supaiki Toppa Supaiki Arashi Golbez Barun Loft
Honda Bakudan Fokusu Hashira Jian Gladrix Huise Bianyuan
Mogui Xieye Lei Feilong Uraru Tamanegi Waiban Steel
Grandmaster of the Orochi Clan Grandmaster of the Denatsu Clan Grandmaster of the Toge Clan Co-Grandmasters of the Hirai Clan
Corazon Alder Takai Dianya Gore Zanclus

Kasai Tsuin and Senbi Tsuin

Grandmaster of the Acua Clan Grandmaster of the Cymbal Clan
Suiryoku Pescador Ektara Mandolin
Shoguns of the Clans
Yujin Horitsu Jippu Tatakai Toppo Tiketsu
Sukeru Zarigani Koto Zither
Administrator of the Methodical Department of Study
Hardforth Veerlan
Sub-Boss of the Methodical Department of Study
Hask Senton