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Deciduous Quadroceptus was the last Lord of Novalia.



From a young age, Deciduous was part if the National Front, achieving the rank of Captain. He was later exchanged to the Clockwatch as an inspector. During his time as an inspector, his son, Hardware was born.

Several years later, Deciduous switched to politics. During this time, he was divorced by his wife. During his years in politics, his son grew fed up of Deciduous' pushover nature, coupled with his neglect for his son.

Hardware later murdered one of Deciduous' colleagues, whom was a close friend, in front of Deciduous, at the colleague's birthday party. Hardware announced that he'll be "getting back" at his father, through whatever means necessary, before burning down the building where the party was taking place. Deciduous and a few others survived, but the blame was miraculously placed on another surviving party-goer.

Some time later, the Galahad Arms formed and quickly seized their city of operation, before driving out or executing most politicians. Deciduous was "bagged" by one of theid operatives and was taken to a room where he encountered a masked man referred to as Crowned, the Arms' leader.

Deciduous and Crowned had a meeting, where Deciduous quickly deduced Crowned's identity; Hardware. Hardware forced Deciduous to keep quiet about the identity of the Arms' leaders, lest he'll have Deciduous' head. Deciduous was forced out of the room after attempting to attack his son.

Many years later, Deciduous was elected as Lord of Novalia.



As a leader, Deciduous is incredibly lenient and very forgiving. He can be considered a very huge liability to the Allied Nations, and to his own public. He is easily able to crack under pressure, and is also very secretive, only slipping details after enough pressure. He is very protective over the identity of his son, despite Hardware loathing him.

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