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Conleth Dultra is the father of Lanval Dultra and the current leader of the infamous Forty Thieves, a legendary band of thieves that steal the most valuable treasures worldwide.



Conleth has shoulder-length, black, messy hair and long black facial hair. He wears a chestplate and greaves customary of the Forty Thieves, the former bearing their insignia in the centre. He wears a spaulder on his right shoulder, and wears sand boots. He has a large scar below his right arm reaching round to his back. He wears a small crown on his head, which was stolen from a tomb.


Conleth is seen as a strong and respected leader to his men, and is noted for being respected even by his enemies on occassion. He is ruthless to those who wish to harm his friends, family and allies. He sees the rest of the Forty Thieves as family. He enjoys his profession, and prides in that which he steals.

Abilities and Gear


  • First Host Shortsword
  • Agosu Hunting Sickle

Physical Abilities