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The Compendium War was a massive 20-year conflict that occurred across Helios prior to and during the early years of the conception of Compendium.


  • Kyloto invade Asteria and use the Asterians as slaves.
  • The Early Venlish Empire condemns the actions and Kylotean tensions with Haphae increase.
  • Haphae makes an alliance with Venland in order to feel secure.
  • Keimusho has his forces invade Haphae. He begins piecing together his Oka Eritoshin using the most powerful warriors in Kyloto.
  • Haphaen forces attempt to flush out the Kylotean attack, but bases are set up.
  • Venland are notified of this event and send a troupe to investigate up close.
  • The troupe is attacked, and Keimusho declares full-scale war on Venland and Haphae.


  • Venland begin sending soldiers to the mainland to combat Keimusho's Legion.
  • Haphae and Kyloto enter a stalemate just outside the Haphaen capital as 80,000 Haphaens blockade the Kylotean advancement.
  • The 75,000 strong Venlish army, led by Nearan Visarion, sets sail for the Helios mainland. They acquire permission to march through Levia in order to get to Haphae.
  • Haphae sustain heavy causalities waiting for Venlish forces to arrive.
  • Haphae lose 20,000 men and Kyloto lose 36,000 men.
  • Venlish forces ambush the Kylotean front-line and attack it from behind. The Haphaens then push forward, resulting in the Kylotean front-line being massacred. Venland and Haphae lost 5,000 men. Kyloto lost 20,000. In a long, gruelling battle, Ocha Law meets his end.
  • Sabal-Ion betrays Keimusho and travels to Venland, allying with Nearan after earning his trust.
  • Venlish and Haphaen forces push the Kyloteans back through the great grasslands. The Kyloteans form a last line of defence in the southern areas of the Grasslands made up of 150,000 soldiers. Iruka Strom orders the rest of her soldiers to head back into Kyloto.
  • 70,000 Venlish soldiers, and 55,000 Haphaens confront 150,000 of the Kyloteans, including Iruka Strom. 
  • The Battle of the Grasslands commences. 
  • The Haphaens take the brunt of the battle. The Venlish soldiers attack in a pincer formation and the Kylotean flanks deteriorate. Haphaen archers thin out the Kylotean front line and Venlish field mages bombard Kylotean ranks with magic.
  • 140,000 Kyloteans are killed. 20,000 Venlish soldiers are killed, and 30,000 Haphaens are killed.
  • Iruka Strom is killed by Nearan Visarion.
  • The 10,000 remaining Kyloteans retreat.
  • Kyloto loses occupation of the grasslands.
  • 25,000 Haphaens and 50,000 Venlons forces march towards the Kylotean border.
  • The Kylotean forces, led by Inferuno Tatsumaki, hold back the attacking invaders.
  • Keimusho gives the order to destroy the Asterian slave camps with the slaves inside. He also sends Heise Magala to directly assault Venland.
  • The Kylotean resistance at the border is destroyed. Inferuno Tatsumaki faces Sabal-Ion Enoshima in combat, but it results in a draw.
  • The Venlish and Haphaen forces arrive at the city of Dankai, beginning the Battle of Dankai.
  • Venlish and Haphaen Soldiers remain in the forest, keeping their flanks protected by the trees, giving them a good strategic advantage.
  • 5,000 Venlish soldiers, and 5,000 Haphaen soldiers are killed. 53,000 Kyloteans are killed. Tao Ranzhou has Sanda Strom arrested and beheaded.
  • More than half of Dankai is demolished.
  • During his travel to Venland, Heise is attacked by Sabarians, causing him to lose 120 soldiers.
  • Heise Magala arrives in Venland and begins the Assault on Colhamptom.
  • 2,000 Venlish Soldiers confront Heise's 3,000 strong army.
  • The Venlish soldiers form defence line on higher ground, and form a shield wall. 
  • As Heise's forces attempt charge up the hill, Venlish forces slowly inch downwards, killing any Kylotean within slashing distance, resulting in many of Heise's forces being slaughtered. 
  • Finally Venlish forces charge down the hill and cut through Heise's ranks. 2,100 are killed.
  • Heise orders his forces to plow through the resistance, eventually reaching Colhamptom.
  • The Kyloteans attack southern Colhampton, but are soon driven out. Heise Magala is captured and executed. A further 300 Kyloteans are killed. The remainder flee. 200 Venlish soldiers are killed.
  • As the Kyloteans flee from Venland, a small skirmish between the remaining 600 Kyloteans, the Venlish forces and several Sabarians. 500 Kyloteans are killed. 10 Venlish soldiers are killed. The Sabarians retreat and the remaining 100 Kyloteans escape.
  • The Venlish and Haphaen forces push their way into the Kylotean Badlands, beginning the Battle of the Badlands.
  • Sabal-Ion kills Gulse Mandolin. Nearan kills Zachus Umi.
  • 20,000 Kyloteans are killed. 10,000 Venlish soldiers are killed. 5,000 Haphaen soldiers are killed.
  • The Venlish and Haphaen forces split into two groups, with one heading to captured Asteria, and the other heading directly to Shihon.
  • The southern group, led by Tao Ranzhou, reach Asteria and begin the Assault on Asteria with only 10,000 Haphaens. Tao increases his army by employing the use of angry Asterians. He amasses 10,000 Asterians to aid him.
  • Kylotean forces led by Mirai Shiryoku attacks. The Haphaen forces are cut down to 7,000. The Asterian forces are halved. Mirai is killed in battle by Tao Ranzhou's bodyguards. 30,000 Kyloteans are killed.
  • 35,000 Venlons arrive at Shihon. The Venlons dig trenches and stand behind them. Nearan gives the the city an ultimatum. He states that the people of Shihon can either let him in and make the Kylotean army stand down, or he will burn the city to the ground.
  • Kyloteans attack from both sides of the trench. The Battle of Shihon begins.
  • The Kyloteans manage to trap multiple Venlish forces within the trenches, where they are killed. Venlish soldiers behind the trench kill the Kyloteans who went inside it. The Venlish field mages during this time have formed a circle around the city and they create a large energy rune. Several structures in the city begin to burn and melt, causing a large portion of the city to collapse. 1,000 Venlish soldiers are killed.
  • Thousands of soldiers escape the dstruction before they are killed. Ryu Shokuji enters combat with Sabal-Ion Enoshima. The remaining soldiers continue battle.
  • Ryu Shokuji surrenders, but is killed by Keimusho Gikoku, who singlehandedly wipes out 50 Venlish forces.
  • Nearan Visarion and Sabal-Ion Enoshima battle Keimusho Gikoku. Nearan loses an arm in the conflict, while Sabal-Ion recieves a critical wound to the chest.
  • Nearan and Sabal-Ion manage to finally eliminate Keimusho Gikoku. Tao Ranzhou's forces arrive to assist the Venlish forces. Nearan and Sabal-Ion are whisked to safety. Inferuno Tatsumaki and Yoru Silva flee from the battlefield.
  • The Kylotean forces, now under the temporary charge of Dorizeru Agobiar, surrender. Wanting to avoid capture, Dorizeru flees.


  • Haphae keep northern Kyloto, making it part of Haphae itself.
  • Following Keimusho's death, the combined Venlish and Haphaen forces liberate Asteria from Kyloto's control, and relinquish Kyloto's territory over what would later become Kratonia.
  • The Asterians carry out a revenge attack on Kyloto, crippling its forces further, taking out its temporary leadership, comprised of Inferuno Tatsumaki, Dorizeru Agobiar and Yoru Silva, in the process. Several thousand Kyloteans are enslaved by Asteria as retribution. 
  • Haphae set up Ranzhou in order to keep their newly controlled lands under control, and to keep the Kyloteans out. The Kylotean inhabitants are either starved, evicted or sold to Asteria. As a direct result of Ranzhou's placement, the grasslands remain part of Haphae still to this day.
  • Senkyoshi Gikoku would later take over as Overlord of Kyloto, and builds the Regency of Kyloto. After building his forces, Senkyoshi later begins the Payback War.