Carys is one of Kysar's Four Harbingers of Peace.



Carys has spiky blond hair and pale green eyes. He is tall, even by Tythanian standards, and incredibly well-built. He often goes without a shirt, only wearing some baggy white trousers with a red belt and some sandals. 


Carys is an incredibly antagonistic person with an aggressive desire to fight. He is easily bored and always keen to use his abilities to sate his own pyromania and love of combat. 

Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation
    • Explosion Inducement
    • Explosive Fire Attacks
    • Fire Aura
    • Pyrokinetic Flight
    • Pyrokinetic Combat
    • Incineration
  • Anger Empowerment

Physical Abilities

  • Unnatural Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Speed
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