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Beauregard Calitis Monroe, Jr. is the current CEO of the Nova Star Industrial Corporation, a major conglomerate business company reigning in Novalia. Despite this, however, Calitis is in hiding, while the company itself is debating on pushing for a new CEO, and whether the companies should split back into their original states. He is also the current captain of the Megalo Pirates, under the alias of "Newton Monroe".



Calitis was born to Beuregard Monroe, Sr. and an unknown wife, and was raised to become Beauregard's successor in his company, Monroe Industries. When Monroe Industries merged with Triton Star and NovaAir Services, Beauregard was made the CEO and chairman of the company, and thus changed his intentions to make turn Calitis into the successor of NSIC.

When Beuaregard passed away, Calitis was made the new CEO and chairman.

Calitis was the man behind the government-funded elevation of Avalon. He became close friends with Lord Deciduous at some point.

Galahad Arms

Calitis later had a deadly encounter with the Galahad Arms, after he mistakenly upset certain members with a business deal decline. He was "bagged" by thugs and taken directly to meet "Crowned", the leader of the Arms. Rather than talk to Crowned, Calitis attempted to muscle his way out of the room, accidentally pulling on Crowned's helmet during a short skirmish. Calitis' attempt was halted when he was shot in the eye by a still-recovering Crowned, who took off his partially lifted helmet. Calitis, with his remaining eye, looked in shock to find two shocking revelations; Crowned's keen accuracy, even when disorientated and obscured of vision, and Crowned's identity, Hardware, the son of Lord Deciduous.

Calitis snapped at Hardware for his treachery to his father's name, but Hardware coyly stated that he's only doing what Deciduous and the blind nation deserve. Before Calitis could continue, Hardware delved into how Calitis should keep Hardware's identity secret lest he will savagely kill Calitis and his loved ones publicly. Hardware then ordered Calitis out, telling him that Deciduous himself also knew that he was Crowned, angering Calitis enough to attempt to attack Hardware, who simply reminded him of his eye injury. Knowing he was outgunned by only one man, Calitis accepted his loss, and demanded how he cover the issue with his eye. Hardware coldly remarked that Calitis come up with a story himself, as long as neither the name Hardware, or the name Crowned, are involved. Calitis angrily looked at Hardware, who simply ordered Calitis be bagged and thrown off onto the streets.

Breaking Point

During the following weeks at work, Calitis could not handle the stress of handling the secrets he had to shoulder, and, at one point, confronted Deciduous in private about how he'd allow his own monster of a child to run rampant on the streets. Deciduous accidentally let slip about his plan to constantly ignore the Galahad Arms issue at any cost, including the spillage of the terms Hardware laid out to him. Calitis stormed off. Sometime later, he was divorced by his wife.

Following a few more days of work, Calitis came to breaking point. When he found the deal he declined had been renewed, he cracked, and fled. Calitis, in fear of going insane or having the Galahad Arms bump him off, decided to flee Novalia and head far east. In Atlas, he was briefly stopped by Deciduous, who caught wind of his scheme quickly. Deciduous tried to talk Calitis out of his crazed plan, pointing out the damaging risks he's leaving NSIC in. Calitis, still bitter, and now showing signs of madness, attacked Deciduous with a plank of wood in a blind fury, knocking him out. When Deciduous regained consciousness, he found that Calitis had set sail, and could only watch him disappear into the horizon.

Calitis was later recorded as "missing" across Novalia. The search for Calitis was campaigned by NSIC loyalists and government officials in a bid to find him. It was noted that both the Galahad Arms and the Lord himself were unconcerned with his disappearance.

Descent into Insanity

During his travels over seas, trying to recuperate from his losses and developments, Calitis' ship was attacked by a disbanded faction of the Galahad Arms; the Megalo Pirates. Calitis was brought aboard their ship as their prisoner, and his own ship scrapped, as the Megalo Pirates were former junkers.

During his rough time aboard their ship, Calitis was regularly tortured and beaten, and was at some points forced to clean the floors with a dirty mop in a bid to get food. Descending further into insanity, Calitis took an iron bar from a torturer and beat him to death with it. As the others attempted to warn their captain, Fletcher Rufus, the Megalo Pirates had found themselves caught in a deadly storm.

During the chaos, a large crate flew into Calitis, pinning him to a wall and crushing some of his bones. While attempting to get free, a loose iron beam flew into Calitis' skull, knocking him out.

A New Man in a New World

Calitis awoke, the Megalo Pirate's ship having crashed on Islas Island. Calitis was quickly captured by the surviving crew members, after one of them recognised him as the CEO of NSIC, and tried forcing him to repair or build a ship so they could leave. After Calitis tried to reason that this will take time, Captain Fletcher lost his temper and sliced of four of Calitis' fingers. Finally snapping, "Calitis" brutally retaliated and beat Fletcher to near death, practically cutting most of one of his arms off, and shooting him in the eye.

Attached to the concept of violence and control, "Calitis" ordered a change of leadership, killing Fletcher's three leiutenants after they spoke against him, and he declared his identity as "Newton Monroe, Captain of the Megalo Pirates". Newton declared that the crew, for the most part, will remain in Islas Island, using their ship's wreckage as their base of operations.

Adopting what Calitis found from Hardware, Newton decided that he will not be known to anyone outside the crew. After some time, following several "mental battles" between Newton and Calitis, Newton became the dominant personality.


Calitis has fuzzy black hair, which is greying slightly, and possesses a very unkempt beard. He was always seen outside with his trademark brown top hat and coat. Indoors, Calitis wore a black and grey suit, white shirt and red cravat.

As Newton, Calitis wears a dirtied white vest, which has a slight blood-soaked red tint. He wears a pair of dungaree bottoms which are help up by suspenders. He wears two belts around his ankles. He often wears his trademark brown hat, which has since been slightly crumpled and worn. He occassionally wears a wooden hand-crafted mask, which is painted pink. Calitis' lost fingers were replaced with four pistons. He has screwed a bolt into the socket where his missing eye once was.




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