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The Black Stone Pirates are a massive pirate crew led by Ryloth Onyx. Despite being the leading force of the Pirate Empire, the Black Stone Pirates are the largest known pirate crew in the world.



Jolly Roger

The Black Stone Pirate's jolly roger is based on an octagonal stone with a set of crossbones, a rib cage and Baryonyx skull around it. The Baryonyx skull possesses a crown.



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Fleet Captains
Windess Torai Smith Johnson Aarune Bartolt Serf Wisteria
Ruby Onyx Sapphire Onyx Emerald Onyx Topaz Onyx
Beedle Reeds Yubel Winceroy Freya Gerth Lionel Kappa
Hikari Sangetsu Moses Boke Holdem Stromberg Poach
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Benedict Du Plessis Ruki Onyx Yuki Onyx Nass Torte
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