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Azoth is an ancient force of evil that held dominance over four thousand years ago. He and his brothers were defeated by Tempus and the Templar Order, a union of a Kylotean, a Venlish, a Regolian, a Besmarkian and a Haphaen, all of whom having been bestowed enlightenment from the former.


Rise to Power

The Old War

The Templar Order

Defeat and Banishment

Azoth was finally defeated with the combined powers of the five Templars and their magically-enhanced swords, and he and his brothers were banished, being placed in three different points in the world, with Azoth himself being sealed away on Zoroaster itself, in what would later become known as Somnus, while Phobos was sealed in the lands that would become "Helios", and Horus being hidden in what is now known as the "Great Unknown".

Before he was able to be banished, Azoth imbued his powerful armour with pieces of his very will, so that they may eventually find their way back to him. He also inspired his most loyal surviving soldiers to instil the idea of freeing him through their very bloodlines, however, most have seen been killed off.


Four thousand years later, the last descendant of Azoth's followers finally arrived on Zoroaster, a now dead civilisation, save for a barricade of descendants of those who originally guarded Azoth when he was first imprisoned within the Ziggurat. This fanatical descendant single-handedly killed all sixty of the soldiers, and broke the seal on Azoth.

Unfortunately, when Azoth emerged from his tomb, he found himself aghast that his body had become a withered up skull with mostly rotted flesh around it, save for his brain and eyes, which were intact. Using his alchemic magics, Azoth grafted the spines of several of the dead soldiers to his own head, using them as tendrils.

Mind Games

Azoth connected his mind to Luther Visarion, after the later was influenced into wearing his Aspect of Envy. He frequently subjected the young Visarion to violent visions. After Veteris sent Luther into his inner mind, Luther encountered Azoth along with another mysterious entity originating from his own subconscious.


Withered Azoth

Withered Azoth is the result of Azoth's aged body having broken down and rotted away, and after having grafted spines to his head, what was left. The remains of his skin is blue and rotted in colour, and he has black eyes with red irises.

Life Fluid Azoth

Azoth Prime


Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities



  • Alchemic Intuition