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Avaloss Voldin was one of the Dominion of Kyloto's Missionaries.



Avaloss burned down three towns whilst pursuing Angel-Ion Enoshima.

After receiving intel that Angel-Ion had drew near to their squad, Avaloss led an attack on his ship, severely damaging it. Avaloss later reported back to Shen, but was met by his colleague and rival, Ledran Kaliot. Ledran began insulting Avaloss in front of Shen, who grew annoyed and blasted off Ledran's arm for causing trouble. Avaloss bore witness to Ledran's report, and witnessed Shen blast his head off for speaking about the future.

Shen, acknowledging Avaloss' task as complete, blasted Avaloss in the chest, marking him as a foundation stone for the greater good of Kyloto. He was taken away and later "donated" to Hardforth Veerlan as research material.

A Beastly Upgrade


Avaloss has three horns on his forehead, with two others at the back, hidden amongst his long hair.

Following Hardforth and Senton's experimentation on him, Avaloss possesses several body parts from animals and from the other Kylotean clans. Avaloss's muscles, being taken from bears and gorillas, are otherwise enlarged.

His right eye is taken from the Orochi Clan, while his left is taken from the Denatsu Clan. His face possesses a lion's muzzle and nose. He bears the skins of mammoths across his chest.

Two of his three horns are curved, having been taken from a yak.


Prior to his experimentation, Avaloss was very fearful of Shen, and was rather hot blooded, getting into an argument with his rival, Ledran Kaliot, after merely seeing him. He was also considered disproportionate, burning down three towns in an attempt to find Angel-Ion and gain his attention.

Following his experimentation, Avaloss gained a desire for revenge, and became more loyal to Shen for giving him a better second chance. He is also far more ambitious. He remains hot blooded and his nature more developed, but possesses a deep rage. He dislikes being insulted.